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Big Data Hadoop Certification Mastery

Coding Superstar™ Big Data hadoop development certification helps you to master in depth of concept of hadoop framework. Coding Superstar™ big data hadoop development developers certification mastery will enable you to implement real life projects in banking, Telecommunication, Social media, Insurance and E-commerce.

40+ Hours

Instructor Led training


Job Assistance


Follow-Up Session


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Why Big Data?

Data volumes will continuous to grow.Ways to anlyze the data will improve.Prespective analytics will be built into business analytics software.In addition, real-time streaming insights into data will be hallmarks of data commerce. More companies will apound chief data offficer. Big data staffing shortages will expand. Business using data will see $430 billion in productivity benefits.

Key Features

  • 40 hours of instructor Led training.

  • 365 days E-mail support.

  • 10 hours of following session

  • Hands on experience in real time industrial projectsusing hadoop and spark.

  • The course is alligned in sync with CCA175 certification.

  • Coding Superstar™ Job Assistance.

Course Adviser


Sudhakar Babu T

Technology Expert and in demand Consultant for 20+ companies.

Sudhakar Babu is a highly regarded project development expert with more than 20+ years of experience at large companies like Wipro and Amadeus Labs. He was an eminent speaker at Finnovate 2015, London addressing global techological advancements. As a present CTO of Geologon systems and technology development coach, Sudhakar has mentored over 5000+ professionals globally.


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