Machine Learning Mastery

The Machine learning mastery of Coding Superstar was designed to help a broad audience get started in machine learning and elevate the career to a whole new level. If you're familiar with basic programming (in any language), We'd recommend starting here. Many have transformed their careers in machine learning. But the most important thing is to keep on learning. Not just for a few months, but for years. There's a lot of demand today for ML people; once you get a job in ML, your learning will only accelerate further. The world needs more machine learning people to help solve its problems. Our society has so much data and compute resources that ML is now a superpower that lets you create amazing things; but there just aren't enough of us around to do this work. Coding Superstar will help you gain that massive career leap in machine learning.


Key Features

Power of machine learning with Python

  • Intensive knowledge on AI, Data Science and Machine Learning.
  • Implementation of vivid real time principles, algorithms and applications through our versatile teaching strategies which makes the learning process enjoyable and seemingly easy.
  • Extensively getting to the roots of mathematical and heuristic aspects of Machine Learning resulting in cutting edge knowledge of machine learning models.
  • Effectively co-relating the theoritical and practical aspects of machine Learning.
  • Solving problems of various real time scenarios in Machine Learning, backed up by real time use cases and projects

What you'll learn:

  • Gain in depth knowledge of machine learning based algorithms and implementation to work on any ML projects.
  • Performing supervised learning techniques such as linear and logistic regression.
  • Extensively understand the concepts of data classifications and models.
  • Developmening a robust knowledge of Machine Learning models.
  • Solve Machine Learning problems by effective usage of top notch algorithms among many.
  • Accurately creating predictions and powerful analysis.
  • Advanced usage of unsupervised learning algorithms as Clustering & Segmentation.

Who usually opts for Machine Learning Mastery?

  • Software Engineers aspiring to be Data Scientists or Machine Learning Engineers.
  • Senior Software/Solution Architects, seeking strong domain knowledge on Machine Learning algorithms.
  • Analytics professionals, Python Developers are undoubtedly advancing their careers in Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence.
  • Any experienced professionals from other domains who are passionate to transform their career with world's hottest domain: Machine Learning.
  • Freshers or Graduates seeking to build their career in evolving future of digital era. i.e. Data Science and Machine Learning.

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