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Why Choose Coding Superstar for Azure DevOps Certification training?

Choosing Coding Superstar for your Azure DevOps Engineer Certification training provides numerous unique benefits:


Industry Expertise

Our team consists of industry experts, well-versed with Azure DevOps implementation and the larger DevOps landscape. They bring along their valuable hands-on experience and insights, making it easy for you to grasp the otherwise intricate Azure DevOps concepts.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our Azure DevOps Engineer (AZ-400) training program is exhaustive and current, encompassing all aspects of the certification requirements. Our aim is to equip you with the necessary skills to excel in Azure DevOps.

Flexible Learning

Our online training offers flexibility so that you can learn at your own pace, in your own time, and in a way that suits your learning style.

Interactive Learning Experience

Our training sessions encourage interaction, providing an environment conducive to learning where you can clear doubts and ask questions in real-time. Post-training Support: Our support continues even after the course concludes, to help you apply the knowledge gained, clarify any doubts, and prepare you for the certification exam.

Practice Tests & Study Materials

To ensure you're exam-ready, we offer several practice tests and exhaustive study materials that complement our training modules.

Certification Success Rate

Our high success rate in certification examinations speaks volumes about our quality and effective learning methodologies.

Real-world Project Experience

Our training program includes working on real-world projects to provide hands-on experience, simulating real-world technical challenges, which boost your confidence and competence.

Why Azure DevOps Certification from Coding Superstar?

Best mentorship

Industry expert mentors

Fast doubt clearing

Superior guidance

24x7 help

Instant help

Full-time support from qualified reps

All sorts of queries are answered professionally

Effective Learning

Learn through live projects

Quizzes and assignments

Lectures Videos

Lifetime Access

Lifetime free updates

Life time Access to class recordings and materials

Course access doesn’t expire


Coding Superstar certificate of training

Thousands of careers transformed, It's your turn now

Enroll Now

10-12 WEEKS

Flexible Batches Morning/Evening Weekday/Weekend

Real-time Projects

Hands-On Experience of Live Projects

Post Training Support Included

Doubt Clarification Resume Preparation Mock Interviews

On-Demand Job Support

Project Support Task Support
3-6-9 months support

Why Learn Azure DevOps?

Learning Azure DevOps is essential because it provides a comprehensive end-to-end DevOps solution, enabling streamlined collaboration among development, testing, and operations teams. With Agile methodologies, automated testing, and continuous delivery capabilities, it enhances software quality and accelerates time-to-market. Azure DevOps integrates seamlessly with Azure services, facilitating easy deployment to the cloud, while its extensibility and industry demand create exciting career opportunities for professionals in the software development field.

Azure DevOps Certification Curriculum

Curriculum Designed by Experts

Azure DevOps Course Content

Download Syllabus
Introduction to DevOps
Understanding DevOps principles and practices
Benefits of adopting DevOps in software development
Overview of Azure DevOps and its components
Version Control with Azure Repos
Introduction to version control and Git
Creating and managing Git repositories in Azure Repos
Branching strategies and pull requests
Continuous Integration with Azure Pipelines
Configuring build pipelines for continuous integration
Running automated builds and tests
Integrating with Azure Repos for code deployment
Continuous Deployment with Azure Pipelines
Implementing release pipelines for continuous deployment
Deployment strategies (e.g., Blue-Green, Canary) in Azure Pipelines
Automating deployment to various environments
Azure Boards for Work Item Tracking
Managing work items in Azure Boards
Tracking and prioritizing work using backlogs and boards
Implementing Agile practices in project management
Azure Test Plans for Test Management
Creating test plans and test suites
Running manual and automated tests in Azure Test Plans
Integrating with Azure Pipelines for continuous testing
Azure Artifacts for Package Management
Setting up and using Azure Artifacts for package management
Publishing and managing packages
Integrating with Azure Pipelines for artifact deployment
Integrating External Tools with Azure DevOps
Integrating third-party tools and services (e.g., Jenkins, Jira)
Configuring webhooks and service connections
Monitoring and Reporting in Azure DevOps
Utilizing Azure DevOps dashboards and reports
Monitoring build and release pipelines
Analyzing project performance and progress
Infrastructure as Code with Azure DevOps
Introduction to Infrastructure as Code (IaC) concepts
Using Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates
Implementing IaC in Azure Pipelines for infrastructure deployment
ecurity and Compliance in Azure DevOps
Implementing security practices in Azure DevOps
Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements
Integrating security scanning and vulnerability assessment tools
Final Assessment and Certification
Assessing your knowledge and skills through a comprehensive exam
Certification upon successful completion of the course

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Increasingly High Demand of Azure DevOps skilled professionals

Growing DevOps Adoption

Businesses are increasingly adopting DevOps practices for faster and more efficient software delivery. Azure DevOps offers comprehensive DevOps tools, thereby increasing the demand for Azure DevOps Engineers.

Application Development & Deployment

Azure DevOps offers services that support development and deployment of applications, making Azure DevOps Engineers critical to many application development projects.

Improved Collaboration

Azure DevOps enables better collaboration between development and operations teams. Companies need skilled Azure DevOps Engineers to manage these processes.

Microsoft's Market Share

Microsoft Azure holds a substantial share of the cloud market, and its DevOps solution is widely adopted by organizations, increasing the demand for certified Azure DevOps Engineers.

Integration Capabilities

Azure DevOps integrates with most of the popular tools in the DevOps ecosystem, making Azure DevOps Engineers essential to manage these integrations.

Success Stories

Thousands of careers transformed, It's your turn now

“ The Azure DevOps training from Coding Superstar was a game-changer for me. The well-structured course, experienced trainers, and practical projects helped me understand the complex Azure DevOps ecosystem with ease. I passed the AZ-400 exam on my first try, thanks to Coding Superstar's excellent training ”

“ I was amazed by the quality and flexibility of the Azure DevOps Engineer training at Coding Superstar. The real-world examples and post-training support were immensely helpful. The certification has boosted my confidence and skills in managing DevOps processes at my job. ”

“ Coding Superstar's Azure DevOps training program was beyond my expectations. The comprehensive curriculum, expert trainers, and interactive sessions made my learning experience enriching. Post the training, I cleared the certification exam easily. I highly recommend Coding Superstar for Azure DevOps training! ”

“ The Azure DevOps Engineer training from Coding Superstar was instrumental in advancing my IT career. The knowledgeable trainers, in-depth curriculum, and post-training support were truly beneficial. I passed the certification exam with a high score, and it's all thanks to Coding Superstar's comprehensive training approach. ”

“ Coding Superstar's Azure DevOps training is top-notch. The trainers were always available to answer queries and the curriculum was in-depth and up-to-date. I cleared the certification exam in my first attempt and it has boosted my career immensely. Highly recommended! ”

Azure DevOps AZ400 Certification Training FAQs

Q1: What is the Azure DevOps Engineer Certification?
The Azure DevOps Engineer Certification, or the AZ-400 certification, validates an individual's expertise in designing and implementing DevOps practices using Azure technologies.
Q2: Who should pursue the Azure DevOps Engineer Certification?
The certification is ideal for IT professionals who are involved in the design and implementation of DevOps practices or those looking to switch to DevOps roles using Microsoft Azure technologies.
Q3: What is the prerequisite for the Azure DevOps Engineer Certification?
While there are no specific prerequisites for the AZ-400 certification, Microsoft recommends having a strong understanding of Azure, version control, Agile practices, and core software development principles.
Q4: What does Coding Superstar's Azure DevOps Engineer Certification training cover?
Our training covers all the necessary domains for the AZ-400 exam, including developing an instrumentation strategy, developing a Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) strategy, developing a security and compliance plan, managing source control, facilitating communication and collaboration, defining and implementing continuous integration, and continuous delivery, and more.

Q5: How long does it take to prepare for the Azure DevOps Engineer Certification?
Preparation time varies depending on your prior knowledge and experience. However, most of our students prepare thoroughly for the exam within 6-8 weeks of dedicated study following our training program.
Q6: Is the Azure DevOps Engineer Certification recognized globally?
Yes, the Azure DevOps Engineer Certification is globally recognized and is a valuable asset for IT professionals worldwide.
Q7: How does Coding Superstar support students during the Azure DevOps Engineer Certification training?
We provide students with comprehensive course materials, practice tests, real-world project experience, and post-training support. Our experienced trainers offer interactive sessions and are available to answer any course-related questions.
Q8: What career opportunities are available after getting Azure DevOps Engineer Certification?
With the Azure DevOps Engineer certification, you can explore various roles such as Azure DevOps Engineer, Release Manager, DevOps Test Engineer, Automation Engineer, and many more.
Q9: How can Coding Superstar's Azure DevOps Engineer Certification training help me in my career growth?
Coding Superstar's Azure DevOps Engineer Certification training equips you with the skills required to manage and implement DevOps processes in Azure. It prepares you for the AZ-400 exam while also providing practical experience that could be highly beneficial for career growth.
Q10: How are the training sessions conducted?
The training sessions are conducted online, allowing you to learn at your own pace and comfort. The sessions are interactive and led by industry experts.
Q11: What if I have queries or doubts after the training session ends?
At Coding Superstar, we provide continuous post-training support. If you have any queries or doubts after the training session, you can reach out to us, and our trainers will be glad to assist you. Get started on your Azure DevOps journey with Coding Superstar today. Enroll in our Azure DevOps Engineer Certification training to excel in your career. Remember, with Coding Superstar, you're not just learning, you're growing in your IT career.

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Discover the exceptional achievements of our learners as they thrive in top-notch firms, demonstrating the impact of Coding Superstar's transformative approach. Join us and unlock your potential for a remarkable career trajectory.

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