AWS DevOps Mastery

AWS DevOps Mastery

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  • Course Duration: 4-6 weeks
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  • Certificate: Yes
  • Location: Bangalore
  • Language: English
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  • Viewers: 4595
  • Prerequisites: No
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
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  • Start Course: 01/15/2020


Promising AWS DevOps Online Training To Generate Better Job Opportunities For IT
Professionals In Pune, Banglore, Hyderabad, and Chennai.
If you are seeking AWS DevOps online training in India, then Coding Superstar can provide you the
world-class AWS DevOps online training in Hyderabad with the live project and certification with a full
hands-on live project.
AWS DevOps online Certification Training program is planned for freshers, freelancers as well as
working professionals. Therefore, anyone can enroll in the best AWS DevOps online training in Pune.
and create the best job opportunities for them.

DevOps- What Is It?
DevOps is the combination of two words- Dev and Ops. Dev is for development and Ops is for operations.
There are too many conflicts between these two words in all the organizations, like the software works on
the laptop of the developer but don’t work in the production atmosphere.
DevOps offers a single team to look after the whole application. DevOps is the methodology for the
developers and the operations team to work combinedly. Thus, the use of DevOps increases production
and helps deliver results to clients faster and in quality.

DevOps phases

There are a few tools involved in DevOps and many tools are accessible in those.

1. Planning

In planning there is the need for the client and begin with planning the application

2. Coding

After done with planning we can begin coding by taking the help of developers to write the code

3. Building

After completion of the coding, the build life cycle is included and it provides the application’s validation,
application compiling, and packaging of the app and unit tests, and integration tests, all of which are done
in the build.

4. Testing

After building, testing is done, and the app is deployed on the test servers for testing. When done with
testing it deploys to the prod server to release and nag tools constantly monitor it.

Different tools are used for building applications. Maven tool is used for testing, that is end-user
testing or functional tests, selenium is used. After that, the most popular tool was used named Jenkin
which has 2500 plugins for many developments, testing, and deployment technologies.

Why should you learn DevOps?
Anybody involved in the development of software from the development end or the operation end will get
an advantage of learning DevOps through AWS DevOps online training in India program.
Based upon skills and experience one can get enrolled in AWS DevOps Certification Training program
to access career benefits like

1- Shorten the production cycle

Siloed development and operation teams unnecessarily extend the production cycle which becomes
harder for both teams to unite on the processes needed for getting the software functioning. Close uniting
through the elimination of silos speeds up development and innovation.

2- Enhanced communication and collaboration

DevOps has changed software development culture as when all the stakeholders’ teams participate in the
process of development, they focus on the common goals instead working with various aims. More
interaction enhances communication which leads to seamless development cycles, and faster resolution
of errors.

3- Increase in the deployment success rate

Programming errors are the reason why deployment fails. The recent release of code occasioned by the
DevOps approach ensures problem detection earlier. With Dev and Ops teams working unitedly, recovery
time is shorter.

4- Increase in product quality

The DevOps process constructs quality into the development process, thereby reducing instances of
unplanned work. The focus on security at the time of designing and developing stage lessens the need to
remedy security problems later, thus saving time and freeing many resources for other work. Besides all
the members of the team being accountable for security and quality, this collective responsibility ensures the
teams’ accountability to the end product.

5- Increase in your salary

DevOps practitioners are very high in demand as organizations continue seeking out ways to enhance
workflow processes. In a study, it was found that 45% of IT companies see the skills gap and demand for
high-qualified personnel to fill them. Although your salary will be based on your role, the average pay for
various roles isn’t different. A DevOps release manager earns nearly $92K, a site reliability engineer
earns $125K and a DevOps engineer makes $115K.

DevOps certification-
AWS DevOps online Certification Training will help you to become a certified candidate. Certifications
are more than anything else and will help you to become a potential employee in the IT sector. It makes
your career brighter. Coding Superstar will provide the certification for completing AWS DevOps online
training in Banglore, Pune, Hyderabad, and Chennai programs and will help them to build their career
as the best engineer.
DevOps certification is available once you successfully finish your AWS DevOps online training in
Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Banglore, or any other place.
Coding Superstar course for AWS DevOps online training in Hyderabad, Banglore, Pune, and Chennai
and for students at other major regions are designed like in-depth knowledge.
Coding Superstar, the best institute for AWS DevOps online training in Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, and
Banglore is available and focuses on innovative ideas, high-qualified training, and 100% job assistance.
The best trainers at the best AWS DevOps online training in India institute are ready to solve the
problems and answer the questions. We provide help to attain your career goals.

Benefits of the training program

In our AWS DevOps online training, we focus more on practical based training that will be given by
certified and highly skilled trainers. Training will be given online. On weekends and weekdays, both
batches are there. After finishing the training, the placement panel will connect with you and will schedule
interviews with the best companies


Course Duration for all 4 levels: 16-20 weeks

Flexible class timings: Yes

Prerequisites: No

Real-time Projects: Yes

Followup Sessions: Yes

Course Capacity: <15

Certificate: Yes

Learners: 7643

Category: Cloud Computing

Why choose us

The top reasons for you to join Coding Superstar
Takes classroom-style lectures to a new level by adding interactive and group activities to the training experience.
Skips the conceptual and dives right into the practical, allowing trainees to get their hands on whatever they’re learning quickly.
We are a preferred recruitment partner for a large number of organizations. Reputed names in the corporate world visit our campuses regularly.
The priority will be of students who are expected to master a learning objective before they can move on to the next one.

Our Alumni work in top-notch firms


Who is eligible for the certification of this course?

Anyone who is passionate and with a bachelor’s degree is eligible for this certification.

What is the admissions process?

After talking to our counselors, you will be lined up for a free demo or a live interaction with the Industry expert. Once all your queries are answered you can start the certification course.

Is there a split payment plan?

Yes. You can choose an split payment option. We also have other financing options for this program. For more information, reach out to our admission counselors at +91-7259173277

Will I be provided assistance if I find it difficult to understand the concepts?

We have multiple doubt-clearing sessions and 1-on-1 supervised learning for our learners. We are committed to helping you learn.

Can I enroll in this program if I don’t have any prior knowledge of this program?

Yes, anyone who is passionate about mastering this program can enroll for this course. We encourage learners from diverse backgrounds. To enable this, we provide 24×7 support and supervised learning to our learners.

What is the program fee?

Our counselors can give you the best-discounted quotation. Kindly reach out at 7259173277

What do I need to attend the program (Internet, system specifications, etc)?

In the case of online training, you can attend all the live classes on a laptop/desktop with basic specifications.