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Why Choose Coding Superstar for DevOps Certification Training?

Choosing Coding Superstar for your DevOps Certification training comes with several unique advantages:


Industry Expertise

Our instructors are industry veterans with a wealth of hands-on experience in implementing and managing DevOps practices. Their real-world insights simplify the complexities of DevOps, making it easy for you to learn.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our DevOps training program is comprehensive and up-to-date with the latest advancements in DevOps, intending to equip you with the skills needed to shine in the DevOps ecosystem.

Flexible Learning

We understand that every learner is unique, and so is their learning pace. Therefore, our online training is flexible, allowing you to learn at your own pace, at your convenience.

Interactive Learning Experience

Our training sessions are designed to encourage interaction, creating a conducive learning environment where you can clear your doubts and ask questions in real-time.

Practice Tests & Study Materials

We believe that learning doesn't end with the course. We provide continuous support post-training to help you apply what you've learned and prepare for the certification exam.

Certification Success Rate

We offer various practice tests and comprehensive study materials that align with our training modules to ensure you are well-prepared for the certification exam.

Real-world Project Experience

Our high success rate in DevOps certification examinations speaks volumes about our effective and quality learning methodologies.

Post-training Support

We incorporate real-world projects into our training program to provide hands-on experience, simulating actual technical challenges that boost your confidence and competence.

Why Azure Admin Certification from Coding Superstar?

Best mentorship

Industry expert mentors

Fast doubt clearing

Superior guidance

24x7 help

Instant help

Full-time support from qualified reps

All sorts of queries are answered professionally

Effective Learning

Learn through live projects

Quizzes and assignments

Lectures Videos

Lifetime Access

Lifetime free updates

Life time Access to class recordings and materials

Course access doesn’t expire


Coding Superstar certificate of training

Thousands of careers transformed, It's your turn now

Enroll Now

10 weeks

Flexible Batches Morning/Evening Weekday/Weekend

Real-time Projects

Hands-On Experience of Live Projects

Post Training Support Included

Doubt Clarification Resume Preparation Mock Interviews

On-Demand Job Support

Project Support Task Support 3-6-9 months support

Why Learn DevOps Mastery ?

Welcome to DevOps Mastery: Unleashing the Full Potential of DevOps, presented by Coding Superstar. Gain essential skills in Git, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, and Terraform to streamline software delivery and revolutionize your organization's development and deployment processes. Learn Git's life cycle, creating, reviewing, and managing changes. Explore Docker's containerization, orchestration with Kubernetes, and automate deployments. Discover Jenkins for continuous integration, Blue Ocean interface, system administration, and troubleshooting. Master infrastructure as code with Terraform, managing resources and defining infrastructure. Join Coding Superstar's DevOps Mastery to unlock endless possibilities for career advancement and organizational success. Enroll today and become an expert in leveraging DevOps' full potential.

DevOps Mastery Certification Curriculum

Curriculum Designed by Experts

Introduction to DevOps
Understanding the DevOps culture and principles
The evolution of DevOps and its importance in modern software development
DevOps tools and practices overview
Version Control and Collaboration
Introduction to version control systems
Branching and merging strategies for collaborative development
Code reviews and best practices for team collaboration
Continuous Integration (CI)
Setting up and configuring CI pipelines
Automated build and testing using CI
Integrating CI with version control systems
Continuous Deployment (CD)
Implementing continuous deployment pipelines
Automated deployment to various environments
Strategies for handling configuration management
Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
Introduction to IaC principles and tools
Automating infrastructure provisioning and management
Integrating IaC with CI/CD pipelines
Containerization and Orchestration
Understanding containers and Docker
Container orchestration with Kubernetes
Managing containerized applications in production
Monitoring and Logging
Implementing monitoring and logging solutions
Analyzing application and infrastructure metrics
Using monitoring data for proactive issue resolution
Security and Compliance in DevOps
Integrating security practices throughout the DevOps lifecycle
Best practices for securing code, containers, and infrastructure
Compliance considerations and regulatory requirements
Performance Optimization
Identifying and resolving performance bottlenecks
Load testing and performance monitoring tools
Optimizing application and infrastructure for scalability
DevOps Best Practices and Culture
Understanding the human aspect of DevOps
Encouraging collaboration, communication, and knowledge sharing
Continuous improvement and fostering a DevOps culture
DevOps in the Cloud
Leveraging cloud platforms for DevOps practices
Cloud-native DevOps tools and services
Benefits and challenges of using the cloud for DevOps
Continuous Delivery and Release Management
Understanding continuous delivery and its benefits
Implementing release management practices
Rolling deployments and feature toggles for smooth releases

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Why are DevOps Professionals in Demand?

Increased Efficiency

DevOps practices bring about increased efficiency in software development processes, thereby causing a surge in the demand for skilled DevOps professionals.

Improved Collaboration

DevOps promotes improved collaboration between development and operations teams. As such, companies need skilled DevOps professionals who can manage these processes.

Faster Time to Market

With DevOps practices, companies can significantly reduce their time to market, which has led to an increase in the demand for certified DevOps professionals.

Better Problem Solving

DevOps professionals are skilled in leveraging automation and innovative tools to quickly identify and rectify issues, thereby reducing downtime and improving performance.

Demand Outweighs Supply

The demand for certified DevOps professionals currently outweighs the supply, making it an excellent career choice.


Featured in media

Coding superstar helps many professionals to acquire new skills and knowledge. With a plethora of variety of the courses offered and a passionate team of trainers and instructors, make your learning experience easy and fun. The course is affordable, and you can check all the schedules of classes and sessions with their proves on our website. We believe in self-growth and extend all the strategies to learn new skills and enhance self-growth. This global approach helps the new professionals to elevate to the next step in their career.



“ Coding Superstar's DevOps training was a great boost for my career. The in-depth curriculum and experienced trainers provided me with a strong foundation in DevOps practices. I was able to clear the certification exam in my first attempt. I strongly endorse Coding Superstar for DevOps training! ”

“ The DevOps training at Coding Superstar was comprehensive and insightful. The flexibility of the course allowed me to learn at my pace, and the real-world examples and projects significantly enriched my understanding. After the training, I felt confident in implementing DevOps practices at work and passed the certification exam with ease. ”

“ The DevOps certification training provided by Coding Superstar was outstanding. The trainers, proficient in DevOps practices, imparted valuable insights into industry best practices. The post-training support was especially beneficial during my certification exam preparation. Hats off to Coding Superstar! ”

“ My gratitude to Coding Superstar for their excellent DevOps training. The comprehensive curriculum, interactive training sessions, and hands-on project experience were truly beneficial. I cleared the certification exam with an impressive score, all thanks to their holistic approach. ”

“ oding Superstar’s DevOps training stands apart. The course was flexible, interactive and the trainers were always available to answer queries. Post-training, I passed the certification exam in my first attempt. I highly recommend Coding Superstar's DevOps Certification training to all IT professionals. ”

DevOps Certification Training FAQs

Q1: What is DevOps Certification?
DevOps Certification validates an individual's skills and knowledge in implementing DevOps practices and principles, such as continuous integration, continuous delivery, testing, security, and automation.
Q2: Who should pursue the DevOps Certification?
DevOps Certification is ideal for IT professionals involved in software development and operations processes, such as Developers, System Administrators, IT Managers, or aspiring DevOps Engineers.
Q3: What are the prerequisites for the DevOps Certification?
While there are no strict prerequisites for this certification, it is recommended that candidates have a basic understanding of software development and IT operations processes.
Q4: What does Coding Superstar's DevOps Certification training cover?
Our training covers all the necessary domains for the DevOps Certification, including DevOps principles, tools, continuous integration/deployment/delivery, configuration management, and more.

Q5: How long does it take to prepare for the DevOps Certification?
Preparation time can vary based on your prior knowledge and experience. However, most of our students can prepare for the exam thoroughly within 6-8 weeks of dedicated study following our training program.
Q6: Is the DevOps Certification recognized globally?
Yes, the DevOps Certification is globally recognized and is a valuable credential for IT professionals worldwide.
Q7: How does Coding Superstar support students during the DevOps Certification training?
We provide students with comprehensive course materials, practice tests, real-world project experience, and post-training support. Our experienced trainers offer interactive sessions and are available to answer any course-related questions.
Q8: What career opportunities are available after getting DevOps Certification?
With a DevOps certification, you can explore roles like DevOps Engineer, Site Reliability Engineer, Release Manager, Automation Engineer, and many more.
Q9: How can Coding Superstar's DevOps Certification training help me in my career growth?
Coding Superstar's DevOps Certification training equips you with the skills required to implement DevOps practices, preparing you for the certification exam and providing practical experience that is highly beneficial for career growth.
Q10: How are the training sessions conducted?
The training sessions are conducted online, allowing you to learn at your convenience. The sessions are interactive and led by industry experts.
Q11: What if I have queries or doubts after the training session ends?
At Coding Superstar, we provide continuous post-training support. If you have any queries or doubts after the training session, you can reach out to us, and our trainers will be glad to assist you. Get started on your journey to becoming a DevOps professional with Coding Superstar today. Enroll in our DevOps Certification training to elevate your career. At Coding Superstar, you are not just learning; you are setting the stage for a successful IT career.

Get Certified. Get Ahead.



Our Alumni work in top-notch firms

Discover the exceptional achievements of our learners as they thrive in top-notch firms, demonstrating the impact of Coding Superstar's transformative approach. Join us and unlock your potential for a remarkable career trajectory.

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